Eddy™’s The Remix playlist 2nd June 2017 on Soho Radio

The show will be broadcast live on www.sohoradiolondon.com and via Mixcloud later, I’ll insert the link when it goes live. For the last hour or so I’ll be in the studio, with a glass of wine, listening to the excellent … Continued

Eddy™’s The Remix playlist 19th May 2017

LISTEN AGAIN HERE: https://www.mixcloud.com/sohoradio/the-remix-with-eddy-temple-morris-19052017/ The show was broadcast live on the day after the lovely and awesomely talented Chris Cornell chose a permanent solution to a temporary problem and in doing so broke the hearts of so many people, mine … Continued

eddyTM’s The Remix Christmas Request Special playlist 16th Dec 2016

A rather special special, with you in control! Christmassy and yule related tunes, both obvious, less obvious and downright tenouous, all good 🙂 Let’s get this snow on the road…yule be fine 😉 – Excerpt from ‘Die Hard’ (Die Hard … Continued

Eddy™’s A to Z of America 2nd December 2016 on Soho Radio

Many of us, me included, have for understandable reasons, been fuelling the negative hate cloud towards America recently. The thing is you can guarantee that the flaws that piss you and me off about America are also flaws that more … Continued