Eddy™’s The Remix playlist 21st April 2017 on Soho Radio

Tonight I’m celebrating The Remix being 17 years old, plus the completion of full digitisation of all my CD singles, with a special Remix Rewind, that dips into this 4 terrabyte drive (yes I have a back up of the … Continued

Eddy™’s Albums Of The Year 2016 – The Remix 30th December on Soho Radio

These are my albums of the year 2016 in alphabetical order, I will be dipping into each one, live on 30th December (this Friday) on www.sohoradiolondon.com from 10pm till midnight, but I’m not saying what I’m playing till I play … Continued

Eddy™’s A to Z of America 2nd December 2016 on Soho Radio

Many of us, me included, have for understandable reasons, been fuelling the negative hate cloud towards America recently. The thing is you can guarantee that the flaws that piss you and me off about America are also flaws that more … Continued