Eddy™’s The Remix All Vinyl Special 5th May 2017 on Soho Radio

Here's the All Vinyl Special from last Friday...an epic show with an exclusive interview with the ever brilliant Trans Am, whose new album 'California Hotel' is out now on vinyl only, through Thrill Jockey Records. Listen to the show here: https://www.mixcloud.com/sohoradio/the-remix-with-eddy-temple-morris-05052017/

Playlist below:

Skanktuary - Unknown vs The Cult - White Label

The Prodigy - Girls - XL

Test Icicles - What's Your Damage? (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke remix)- (Promo)

Birdsworth - Treat You Good - Self Release

Collapsing Scenery - Metaphysical Cops - Self Release

Pendulum - Another Planet - Breakbeat Kaos

Subfocus - Airplane - RAM records

Trans Am - North East Rising Sun - Thrill Jockey
{Trans Am Interview}
Trans Am - Staying Power - Thrill Jockey
{Trans Am Interview}
Trans Am - Ship Of The Imagination - Thrill Jockey
{Trans Am Interview}
Trans Am - I Hear Fake Voices - Thrill Jockey

AK/DK - Maxwell's waves [off Synths + Drums + Noise + Space LP] - Little Miss Echo Recordings

Nine Inch Nails - Down In It (Skin) - TVT/Island

Sisters Of Mercy - Alice - Merciful Release

Losers - Car Crash - 61 Seconds

Goldie - Inner City Life (4 Hero remix) - Metalheadz

Dee Patten - Who's The Bad Man? - Higher Ground

Plump Djs - Get Kinky - Finger Lickin' Records

Black Strobe - Inner Strings (No Shuffle Remix) - Output Recordings

Long-View - When You Sleep (Eddy Temple Morris Remix) - 14th Floor/Warners

The Chemical Brothers - Morning Lemon - Freestyle Dust/Virgin

The Smashing Pumpkins - Perfect (Nellee Hooper remix) - Hut Recordings

Manic Street Preachers - The Everlasting (Deadly Avengers 69th St. Remix) - Epic Records

Primal Scream - Golden Rope (Lynch Mob remix) - Ignition Records

Plaitum - Woeful [off Constraint LP} - Wolf Tone

UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlights (3D Remix) - Mo' Wax