Eddy™’s The Remix playlist 1st December 2017

Live show with studio guests Jayce Lewis bringing in his new single featuring Brian May, and The Brookes Brothers (Phil Brookes) tking us through their latest album, Orange Lane on Viper Recordings.

(I Am) Warface - U Don't Love Me Any More (Warface Recordings)
Bushwacka- The Healer (Fabric)
Jayce Lewis - Shields (Universal)
Jayce Lewis - We Are One feat. Brian May (Universal)
DJ Andy- bring the pressure (E Motion)
Paul Draper - Who's Wearing The Trousers ()
Bearcubs - Do You Feel (All Points Music)
Engine Earz Experiment - Light From One (Circus Recordings)
Lost Colours - One Space Left feat. Rebekah Dobbins (Lost Colours Music)
All The People - Islands (Turnstyle Records)
1991 - Dun Kno (promo)
Wilkinson & Dimension - Rush (Ram Records)
J Majik - Love Is Not A Game feat. Kathy Brown (Defected)
Brookes Brothers - The One feat. Shockone (Viper)
Brookes Brothers - Times Of Trouble feat. Pierre Da Silva (Viper)
Brookes Brothers - Flashing Lights feat. Shezar & Blossman Birdie (Viper)
Brookes Brothers - Carry Me On feat. Chrom3 (Viper)
Brookes Brothers - Movin' On (Viper)
Brookes Brothers - So Many Times (Viper)
Brookes Brothers - Good To Me feat. Majesty (Viper)
Brookes Brothers - Now I'm Found (Viper)
Brookes Brothers - All About You feat. Reds (Viper)
Brookes Brothers - Waiting Right Here feat. Charlotte Haining (Viper)
Brookes Brothers - The Way (Viper)
Brookes Brothers - Climb High feat. Danny Byrd (Viper)
Brookes Brothers - We Got Love feat. Pierre Da Silva (Viper)