Eddy™’s The Remix with Gary Numan – The Savage LP Director’s Commentary

This was one of the most special shows I've done in 17 years doing The Remix - an hour talking to Gary Numan about his music, his life, his mental health and much more, plus we go through the new album, Savage, non stop, with Director's Commentary.
You can listen to the show anytime here: https://www.mixcloud.com/sohoradio/the-remix-with-eddy-temple-morris-gary-numan-16092017/

Track 1: Gary Numan - I Am Dust (off 'Splinter' LP) [COOKING VINYL]
Track 2: Officers - A Little Light [UNRELEASED]
Track 3: Losers - Passenger [BMG MUSIC]
Track 4: Jayce Lewis - Shields [PROMO]
Track 5: Dariush - Hert [Produced by Mahdyar]
Track 6: Depeche Mode - Going Backwards [MUTE]

Director's Commentary: Gary Numan on 'Savage (Songs For A Broken World)' [BMG]
Track 1: Ghost Nation
Track 2: Bed Of Thorns
Track 3: My Name Is Ruin
Track 4: The End Of things
Track 5: And It Began With You
Track 6: When The World Comes Apart
Track 7: Mercy
Track 8: What God Intended
Track 9: If I Said
Track 10: Pray For The Pain You Serve
Track 11: Broken
Track 12 (Bonus): Cold

end of show.

  • Armin Te

    The “hert” track from dariush and mahdyar is amazing song